Business Planning That Grows

with Your Business

Running a business isn’t a one time deal. It takes ongoing learning, new skills acquisition and annual compliance. If you’re not sure that you’re doing it right, it can lead to unnecessary stress, scary letters from government agencies, and the lack of knowing that your business is safe.

How To Get Started

Step One

Decide on the subscription that is right for you

Step Two

Decide how often you want to be billed

Step Three

Schedule your first planning call with a business advisor

This table will help you decide on steps 1 and 2

Standard Subscription


  • 2 Business Success webinars per month
  • Access to Kent for a 15 minute monthly one-on-one call
  • Access to the Business Fundamentals Course
  • Training on how to do annual compliance
  • Training on tax savings
  • Access to email Kent weekly

Are you sure your business is set up for success?

So many entrepreneurs start their business and don’t exactly know what they are doing, From tax set up, to registration with the security of state, to annual compliance documents, there is a lot to keep track of. And keeping track of it everything that needs to be done distracts you from the main focus of your business.

If you’re just starting your business, paperwork, documentation, legalease, and new tax requirements can be confusing. Even if you have been in the industry a while, it can bring such comfort to know that everything in your business is in working order. Plus, it gives you time to work on what you really want to work on.

I’m Kent Gufstafson, and I created this course to help budding entrepreneurs get their businesses started right from the very beginning. Too often, I see new business people get 1-2 years into running the company, and then get scary letters from the department of state or the IRS. There is no need for you to face this stress, you can learn everything you need to start on the right foot, and avoid issues down the road.

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