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Welcome To Kent Gustafson Coaching

I'm Kent Gustafson, Founder and CEO of Kent Gustafson Coaching, LLC. In 2007, after almost 15 years in administration, compliance and operations management, I decided to pursue my dream of building a business from the ground up – and I did it by offering compliance management services to others.

Soon after, I realized that the very best approach to maintaining compliance is forming a business correctly in the first place. So, I started helping people do that, as well. Word spread, and soon I was guiding entrepreneurs and small businesses all over the country in forming and launching their businesses, allowing these aspiring entrepreneurs to follow their dreams and pursue their own passions.

Whether you are planning to start your first business, struggling to grow an existing business, or ready to take your successful business to a whole new level, our proven systems provide you with the solutions you need. Along with our exclusive Business Start-Up Success Program, we provide additional services to help you grow your existing business, increase profitability, develop and implement a strategic plan, and prepare for the future.

After over 13 years of serving satisfied clients all over the country, Kent Gustafson’s services are built on: Integrity, Experience and Results.

Business Formation:

Whether you need to set up an LLC or are seeking step-by-step guidance to ensure that your business is built on a firm foundation, the first step is an in-depth consultation with an expert. Having helped over 2,000 people start successful businesses, built on a rock-solid foundation, Kent Gustafson Coaching, LLC has the tools and experience to help you start your business on the right foot. Find out more about how to start your business.

Business Structure:

While it’s a common practice for entrepreneurs to be involved in multiple business ventures (resulting in several individual business entities), these companies are often created without considering all relevant liability issues, tax consequences, and future transition planning. Have you ever wondered if your ownership structure has enough layers of separation between your business and personal assets, or if your businesses are organized in such a way that will allow you to transfer ownership to your children or business partner seamlessly? Does your current structure afford you with every possible tax advantage? At Kent Gustafson Coaching, LLC, we believe a strategic approach is essential when multiple entities are involved. Rely on our vast experience to help you fully protect your business, maximize your tax advantages, and position yourself for a smooth transition from your business when the time is right.

Compliance Management:

Kent Gustafson Coaching, LLC’s Compliance Management Services offer business owners additional peace of mind. Guided by our founding principles, we take care of the details and communicate with you clearly so you can rest easy, knowing your Corporation or LLC will protect you when you need it most. We understand that setting up a Corporation or LLC is only the first step to protecting your business and private assets. Meeting ongoing compliance requirements is vital to maintaining the integrity of the business entity, preserving your liability protection.

Management Consulting:

Kent Gustafson Coaching, LLC has always focused on minimizing our client’s risk and ensuring that you are properly protected. We believe that in order to develop a successful business that’s built for the long-haul, a strategic approach is required. Our vast experience with business formation and structure, compliance management, employee management, mediation and dispute resolution, and transition planning developed over many years serving a broad spectrum of businesses provides us with the unique ability to bring clarity and direction to almost any business situation.

Strategic Transition Planning:

Have you ever heard the saying, “failure to plan is the same as planning to fail”? Unfortunately, this is a familiar theme for many business owners who find themselves consumed with the operation and growth of their business leaving them little time to plan and prepare for the future. At Kent Gustafson Coaching, LLC, we put our experience to work for you in identifying and implementing the best possible transition plan for you and your future.

Mediation & Dispute Resolution:

One aspect of business that we all wish to avoid is conflict, but the sad reality is all businesses will face it eventually. Whether dealing with disgruntled employees; an irate customer; or a business partnership turned bad, Kent Gustafson Coaching, LLC has walked a mile in your shoes. We’ve guided our clients through the most difficult employee situations and negotiated resolutions to business partnerships that seemed destined for expensive legal battles. With integrity and professionalism, we serve the best interests of our clients with a pragmatic and cost-effective approach, and we will show you how to integrate these practices into your business.